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Nov 6, 2012 6:00am PST
is expected to cast his ballot in the next hour. >> reporter: here at fire station 6, governor brown will be surrounded by teachers and students he is not the only one advocating for the proposition. yesterday former labor secretary robert reich held a rally. regents said tuition would go up $2400 next semester without prop 30. governor brown held rallies yesterday across the state. students who are against prop 30 say they resent the fact that legislatures haven't better protected education funding. first the governor as he gets biblical about it. >> read the gospel of luke chapter 12, verse 48 where it says those to whom much has been given, much will be required. that's what prop 30 it tells those who have done the best pay a little back. >> students don't have a voice they don't have a strong lobby in sacramento that's why politicians feel comfortable cutting education first. prop 30 end stretches that relationship between students in -- entrenchs that relationship between students in sacramento --. >> reporter: prop 30 would add an increase in state sales tax the governor is fee
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >> governor brown continues to push prop 30. new poll showing where the tax hurt stands and us, r >>> welcome back. still tracking our rain i am good morning still have east bay valleys, santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains now monterey bay starting to get into more steady rain through about 9:00. east or south expect it to be wet today. it is going to start to dissipate late during the afternoon, 73 fresno, scattered showers in the sierra. upper 60s around element a, san diego. palm springs 87┬░. >>> let's check in with that southern california boy and find out what is going on. >> one who is currently living in new york, josh elliot. happy to hear you are getting some of your trains back. >>> yeah. i would take the coastal fog in southern california right now and not look back, not think twice about it. great to be with you. everybody in the bay area, you are right that is a great piece of news we have today limited subway service in the city, back up and running, shocking when you think 50 miles of tracks were damaged, flooded out, as hurricane sandy struck. we will be continuing ou
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
the chp would be helping the chief of police in oakland was happy. >> i personally thank governor brown for his quick response to my requests and my community's plea for help. >> reporter: chp spokeswoman tells me operation impact means 8 to 20 chp officers deployed to prevent crime through traffic enforcement and what she calls patrol presence. she says, the chp will be available to oakland pd whenever they call for help. the good news for oakland, a city in need of financial help as well, the chp officers come here at no cost to the city. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> muni has released surveillance video hoping someone will recognize a man who viciously beat a van ness station agent. police say the incident happened october 10th, when the man tried to go through with a bike. the agent told him bikes were not allowed on that station. investigators say he ignored the agent jumped over with his bike and you saw the man walk didn't the stairs with that bike and a small suitcase police say the 55-year-old agent followed him and was attacked as he reached the platform. amy hollyfield will
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
minutes. right now this story. governor brown plans to appear this morning at a uc regents meeting in san francisco to urge officials to control costs and avoid another fee hike for students. regented -- regented shelves proposed hike vote for now. yesterday yesterday a panel decided to postpone a fee increase. brown says both systems have to keep a lid on costs a week after voters approved prop 30. >>> crab season opens today we should expect to shell out a little more this year. fishermen struck a victory when wholesalers agreed to their asking price of $3 per pound, a different course than the two sides have followed in the past two years by haggling for weeks and delaying the crab season to the dismay of crab lovers. last year fishermen got $2 -- got $2.25. >>> abc7 co-sponsoring another job fair from noon to 4:00 all details on, under see it on tv. >>> samsung offering new deal to potential customers. tech stocks, facebook getting a lot of attention. >> let's check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >>> good morning. all systems go at cisco systems th
Nov 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
on the ballot next tuesday is proposition 30, the tax measure gov brown is pushing. supporters say it will help california schools. nannette miranda has both sides of the debate. >> save our schools! save our schools! >> all the talk about proposition 30, gov brown's tax measure, centers around public school funding. but law enforcement and local government representatives are worried about the other part of prop 30, a constitutional amendment that guarantees state funding for realignment. the prison inmate shift where counties must now house thousands of low-level inmates who used to go to state prison. if it fails, counties are asking how will they be able to afford this expense? >> if the money goes away, it will have a dramatic impact on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constitutional protection means politicians cannot touch the money at all unless it goes back to the voters. >>> the next two budget years already show counties will get more than $6 billion in each of those years to take on the new inmates. >> the fundi
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am PST
. >>> governor brown is declaring victory on his tax initiative prop 30. prop 30 winning by an 8 percentage point margin with 700,000 votes dividing yes and no. amy hollyfield joins us live from emeryville with more on what this means. >> reporter: you come to emeryville to shop, great shopping that is when you are going to notice the difference from prop 30 sales tax is going up a quarter of a cent. here's what it looked like last night, supporters of prop 30 were ready to celebrate, they were hopeful, it wasn't official, ways a close race. it want until this morning that they officially called it for prop 30. we broke the miss to some people this morning here in emory -- broke the news to some people this morning here. >> i didn't think it was going to pass then i saw brown come out and was like saying yes it passed. i was like wow, big deal. >> reporter: you support it? >> yeah, i did vote for it. how else -- you can have nothing -- you can't get something with nothing. >> not happy about it. who is? do you want to pay more taxes? >> reporter: this measure will increase sales tax and also inco
Nov 10, 2012 6:00am PST
. they fired their head coach mike brown after a 1-4 start, but that made them desperate against the golden state team that shot only 34% from the field. stone-cold. assistant bernie bickerstaff, the interim coach for the lakers. the warriors got off to a decent start. on the run, the two-hand slam. second quarter. stephen curry, 18 in the game. laker jumped at the princeton offense. brown installed, dwight howard to kobe bryant for three. lakers led at the half. to the third quarter, harrison barns, missed jumper. cleaning up. warriors down only by 4 but kobe willing the lakers to victory. the runner, falling out of bounds. lakers up ten. metta world peace 0 for 10 shooting. what are you doing taking a three? he hits it naturally. fourth quarter, kobe with the steal and slam! he led the way with 27. who needs a coach? lakers cruise, 101-77. >>> college basketball season opened last night. bay area showdown at oracle first time these teams have played each other sense 2005. stanford, 3 of 7. that's from three-point range in the first half. the big man can stroke it. stanford up 21-7. the do
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
deanthony will be joining the team he replaces brown who lakers fired after five games into the season. reports say the lakers chose deanthony after negotiations with phil jackson broke down over the weekend. >>> this morning nascar says it is too early to predict whether drivers or crewmembers will be suspended following the brought that broke out at the phoenix international raceway. even if you are not a racing fan you have to see this this happen yesterday, jeff gordon, bumps boyer on purpose that the crew -- [ unintelligible ] >>> judge judy is the toughw├│ t talking judge --. >> they said how could you have a website? i said i can talk and somebody else can did it. i learned now do the ipad which is friendly to a brain like mine. but i had never, i'm happy to say in myselfy years turned on a computer. >> is that good or wow! >> i'm alive! >> that's judge judy on katie at 3 p.m., right here on abc7. >>> 6:20 -- 6:26. =x >>> . >>> good morning it is monday november 12th. gorgeous picture of the sun about to rise in the east on this veterans day observance hope had you a great week
Nov 11, 2012 6:00am PST
take a look at what's happening. >>> on election night governor jerry brown celebrated the passage of proposition 30. 54% of voters decided to raise income taxes on the stat's top earners and agreed to a hike in sales taxes. >> we think the recent tax package that was passed that really targets what we call high performers or producers from an economic perspective is going to really start to dislodge the serial ceo management and places in places like silicon valley. >> in a bid to turn it into opportunity. the greater phoenix council launched a new program this week aimed at luring california companies away. >> we think it will happen. we know virginia, north carolina, texas, south carolina will be in the target talking to california businesses. we want to present a greater opportunity for phoenix. >> the phoenix group hopes to fly in 50 ceos. they are interested in luring leaders of companies with 200 employees or more to intro them to arizona's lower tax structure. >> we would encourage them to go because once they go to a place like that they will say this isn't, you know, this
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
of all muddy neighborhood all that brown stuff, caked in mud cars and houses extensive damage after a water tank on the top of a hill broke or leaked and then all the water flowed down the hill. that is the result, we'll have more when we come back. >>> welcome back. we've got some clouds rolling up there and bringing rain top the northern part of the state not here back at home sunshine a few high clouds in the 60s everywhere even to the coast. next couple of days interesting warmest day wednesday showers possible in the north bay thursday and cooling trend with more showers likely friday. >>> live look at east shore freeway westbound 80 moving well into the macarthur maze, in good company but still moving nicely no major stalls or accidents. eastbound at san pablo dam road reports of accident two left lanes blocked, eastbound clogged through san pablo. other commute, bay bridge looking good, metering lights on once you get past that on the upper deck not bad, sluggish behind the west over grand crossing. earlier accident westbound 4, this is your waze app, you can see moderate tra
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
not all store bought ones do. moist, perfectly browned turkey is a must on thanksgiving. still isn't complete without a delicious stuffing. preparing a holiday dinner from scratch, is a lot of work. can you wow your guests with a store bought stuffing? consumer reports tested 11 to see if you could cut a few corners and still get tasty results. testers looked at ones from stove top, arnold, pepperidge farm and great value from wal-mart. each was prepared according to directions adding butter or margarine, celery, onions. >> we wanted it to have a fresh broth flavor, and you want to taste fresh vegetables. >> reporter: these stuffings didn't come close to homemade. >> most of the stuffings tasted of chewy vegetables, crunchy crumbs, dried seasoning, overpowering herbs itch >> reporter: testers say there is hope. two from pepperidge farm the herbed seasoned and corn bread stuff s are fresh tasting, flavorful and . >> both called for fresh ingredients, sauted onions and celery, a little more work but worth it for the . >> reporter: bottle would be a 80 addition to your thanksgiving di
Nov 17, 2012 6:00am PST
. the consumer reports tests finds not all store-bought ones do. >> a moist, perfectly browned turkey is a must on thanksgiving. but it still isn't complete without a delicious stuffing. now preparing a holiday dinner from scratch is a lot of work. so can you wow your guests with a store-bought stuffing? consumer reports tested 11 to see if you can cut a few corners and still get tasty results. testers looked at ones from stove top, arnold, pepperidge farm and even great value from wal-mart. each stuffing was prepared according to directions, adding ingredients like butter or margerine, celery, onion and broth. >> we wanted the stuffing to have a fresh broth favor, nonbullion and taste the fresh vegetables, not dried or dried stuff. >> these didn't come close to homemade. >> most had chewy vegetables, crunchy crumbs, dried seasonings, overpowering herbs and a less flavor. but testers say there's hope. two from pepperidge firm, the herbed seasoned and cornbread stuffing, are fresh tasting, flavorful and moist. >> both of the pepperidge farm stuffings called for fresh ingredients. he add onion an
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12